Loving and Lovable. . .

"The badge of Christianity is not an outward sign, not the wearing of a cross or a crown, but it is that which reveals the union of man with God. By the power of His grace manifested in the transformation of character the world is to be convinced that God has sent His Son as its Redeemer. No other influence that can surround the human soul has such power as the influence of an unselfish life. The strongest argument in favor of the gospel is a loving and lovable Christian." God's Amazing Grace, page 276.

Jesus Speaketh

By Sarah G. Stock

Jesus speaketh: Follow me!
I came down and died for thee;
I am risen from the grave,
I am near, and strong to save.

Jesus speaketh: Follow me!
I have happy news for thee,—
He that on my name believes,
Everlasting life receives.

Jesus speaketh: Follow me!
Sinful though thy heart may be,
I will cleanse and heal thy soul;
I am come to make thee whole.

Jesus speaketh: Follow me!
I have lasting joys for thee,—
Joys that never can decay,
Riches none can take away.

Draw us, Lord and we will go.
Follow thee while here below;
trust thy mercy, trust thy grace,
Till we see thee face to face.

Everlasting Happiness

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