His Love Encircles You

"God's mercy and love for the fallen race have not ceased to accumulate, nor lost their earthward direction.

"It is true that disappointments will come; tribulation we must expect; but we are to commit everything, great and small to God.

"He does not become perplexed by the multiplicity of our grievances, nor overpowered by the weight of our burdens.

"His watchcare extends to every household, and encircles every individual; He is concerned in all our business and our sorrows.

"He marks every tear; He is touched with the feeling of our infirmities.

"All the afflictions and trials that befall us here are permitted, to work out His purposes of love toward us—'that we might be partakers of His holiness,' and thus become participants in that fullness of joy which is found in His presence." My Life Today, p. 292.

"Thou tellest my wanderings: put thou my tears into thy bottle: are they not in thy book?" Psalm 56:8.

Not one tear you have ever shed has fallen to the ground. They have all been seen by the Savior and at the right time, when it was best for you, He brought relief. So it will ever be!

Bible Universe

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