Avoiding Danger and Loss. . .

"Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest." Matthew 11:28.

Christ longs to have Care-worn, weary, oppressed human beings come to Him. He longs to give them light and joy and peace that are to be found nowhere else. The veriest sinners are the objects of His deep, earnest pity and love. He sends His Holy Spirit to yearn over them with tenderness seeking to draw them to Himself." Christ's Object Lessons, pages. 169-170.

"We have been redeemed by a costly ransom. Only by the greatness of this ransom can we conceive of its results. On this earth, the earth whose soil has been moistened by the tears and blood of the Son of God, are to be brought forth the fruits of Paradise. In the lives of God's people the truths of His Word are to reveal their glory and excellence. Through His people Christ is to manifest his character and the principles of His kingdom." Ibid., page 229.

"All heaven appreciates the struggles of those who are fighting for the crown of everlasting life, that they may be partakers with Christ in the city of God....God wants you there, Christ wants you there, the heavenly host wants you there. The angels are willing to stand in the outer circle, and let those who have been redeemed by the blood of Jesus stand in the inner circle. . .A crown of glory waits for all who fight the good fight of faith." Our High Calling, page 368.

Jesus has not left you to be amazed at the trials and difficulties you meet. He  has told you all about them, and He has told you also not to be cast down and oppressed when trials come. Look to Jesus, your redeemer and be cheerful and rejoice. EGW.

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